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Creating a Design Library in Sketch

One of the most important aspects of creating high-fidelity mockups is to design using consistent elements. With the plugin for Sketch, you can manage and synchronize Sketch assets individually into a managed design system.

Here's a quick getting started video: 


Getting Started

Creating a design library with is simple and allows you to collaborate with other team members instantly. The first thing you need to do is download the plugin and double-click the file to install it into Sketch.



Then, open Sketch and launch from the menu bar under Plugins.


Create an account in the panel and you’ll find that several example assets were automatically created for you in your new UI Library.



Adding Assets

You can add colors from Sketch by selecting a layer and adding it into your panel.

To add colors, switch to the colors tab, and click Add Colors. You can then select Document Colors or colors from selected layers.



You can add text styles and shared layer styles in a similar manner. Simply switch to the respective tab in the panel, and click the Add button. 

To add a symbol, group or layer into the components tab, select the layer in the document and click 'Add Layer' in the right section in the plugin. 



If you're looking to add artboards into, see this article for details.

Viewing Your Design Library Online

Now that you’ve created a design library, you can easily share assets synced from Sketch on the web. An online view of your design library is available from within the panel in Sketch.



Your Design System in the Cloud

No matter how complex a group or layer is, will preserve the original asset in its native format. A symbol used in Sketch and then synced to another computer using will be an exact copy.

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